Creativity makes me Happy!!

The bags themselves are pre-purchased. (I wish I were talented enough to produce such high quality items.) Etsy allows for shops to alter items, such as decorating or monogramming. I found super cute items that I don't see in big box stores, and offer them for personalization. Much the same way as a t-shirt decorator purchases a t-shirt blank prior to adding art.

I am a working-stay-at-home-Mom to 3 beautiful daughters. Our oldest is off creating a life of her own, studying to be a medic. Our middle is in her first year at Cornell University studying hospitality. Our youngest is our miracle baby and she is home-schooled. This shop came about as an answered prayer. We knew I needed to be able to stay home to home-school, but I had no idea how we would be able to financially work that out. I prayed a lot, our family prayed, and this idea just fell in our laps. I found amazing shops that offered items in prints and patterns I haven't seen in big box stores, and they were perfect for adding personalizations! I am so blessed to be able to stay home while still getting to enjoy my hobby turned business.
This has been a very wonderful journey for us, and I love getting to send out really cute products to my customers. I work really hard to get every order just right, so if you have a problem, please let me know.
Thanks for taking a look at my shop,

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